Would you love an easy to use responsive website?

Have you got a website and are looking for one you can manage yourself?

This is a 4 week programme of weekly workshops and some homework, in a small group with lots of 121 help and assistance.

I tried to build my website with lots of other templates including Wordpress and found them all hard work and hard to manage. Squarespace is simple and user friendly, you will love it!

During this course you will action the following:

- Choose a website template by www.squarespace.com to suit your business.

- Learn how to edit, build and upload images onto each page

- Create landing pages, blog posts, contact form.

- Integrate your website with Mailchimp, Paypal, Facebook, Twitter & other social networks

- Learn how to edit and change your own website such as adding blog posts and events.

- Link to your current domain name or pick a new one.

These workshops are small groups to give everyone the chance to work at their own pace. Squarespace charge an annual fee to host your site of approx $10 a month, you will need to commit to this before starting the workshop.

Here are examples of websites built during our last workshop;



The sessions are £25 per person per week  - £100 total for 4 week workshop

If you are interested in attending please email or call us for more details info@space282.co.uk or 01702 667226

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