• Toppers & Toast (map)
  • 202 Leigh Road
  • Leigh-on-Sea, England, SS9 1BS
  • United Kingdom

One of the things that home-workers find themselves missing is lunch. They often end up gulping down a quick meal alone at their desk, rather then trying to make plans with their friends for lunch.

Here at space282 we often find ourselves doing the same - most of us have spent so long working from home that we have forgotten the appeal of a mid day escape.That's why we've put together the "Come lunch with us club".

It allows us all to escape the office and enjoy our breaks. We will be making our way through the array of amazing restaurants that Leigh-on-Sea has to offer; and reviewing their lunch menus together.

We will be visiting the Aussie inspired Toppers & Toast. Sign up ASAP!