Co-working spaces are increasingly popular especially in cities such as London, New York and Berlin.

They offer small businesses, one man bands and start-ups the perfect location at a fraction of the cost.

Co-working means you work in an office with other businesses and freelancers, you get the benefits of a large office environment and facilities without the overheads.

For many people co-working spaces are the next move after working from home which can often be an isolating and unmotivated place to work from.

When you have not got an office to call your own, meetings tend to be done in a coffee shop. This has limitations when you are trying to appear professional. A co-working space is the answer! You can meet your clients in your office immediately sky rocketing your business image.

Co working is not just for business owners, it is used more often as a flexible work space for employees. Rather than a 3 hour round trip commute to the office, people are asking companies if they can work locally once or twice a week. By using a co-working space they limit the distraction and stigma attached with ‘working from home’ The employee has access to facilities such as high speed internet and video conferencing. This gives peace of mind to the employer and flexibility to the employee.

Our space in the heart of Leigh on sea is offering packages to suit start-up companies, small businesses and freelancers.  It’s a friendly environment set over two floors with plenty of break out space, high speed internet, showers, meeting room and kitchen offering free tea and coffee.

Would you like to try out co-working? Email us for more information