Are you setting up a business or thinking about a start-up company?

When you register your business you need a business address.

For some people to only option is to give their home address. This is then public information and will appear on Companies House website.

If you are trying to appear as a professional business but working from home having a residential address is not going to be the answer.

Why not register your current business or start up at a professional business address?

If you ever do need to meet with clients, you can just book a meeting room at your virtual office and the customer will think that location is your office.

We offer a service for £14.99 a month you can have a virtual office at space282. This means you can use our address on your website, for mailing purposed, we will collect your post and forward it onto you.

If you require a telephone number, this is also a service we offer. The telephone number can be diverted to your home phone or mobile but your customers are unaware.

So make your business more professional today, with a business address.


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