It’s obvious that office décor gives visitors a perception of your business and professional image. People therefore think that their office should be basic, clean, and modern. But by skipping out on individual personalisation you are stripping your business of any charisma. Your work environment gives visitors an impression, but so does the person within that work environment. You may now be asking what benefits does personal desk décor have on employees.

Studies have shown that when employees decorate their desks to represent their interests, it induces a “calming effect”. According to the study, this calming effect does a number of things that can enhance you or your company’s health and mood at work, including the following

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Green Light!

One of the best ways to personalise your desk is by buying a plant. Having greenery around is good for your health, as they soak up pollutants and give off oxygen. Having a live plant on your desk increases productivity and cognitive attention. On a less measurable scale, studies have found that the presence of plants led to increased happiness amongst the office staff. Easy-to-maintain plants are the best option for an office environment. Some of the best plants for indoor use include Succulents, Pothos, Aloe, Spider Plants, English Ivy, Rubber Trees, Jade Plants, and Snake Plants.

Emotional Exhaustion

If you work at a desk with very little privacy you may find yourself with an increased level of emotional stress. This stress leads to emotional exhaustion making you feel burned out, it can also lead to physical exhaustion, both of which significantly decrease workplace productivity. By decorating your desk with personal items and adding your own style you make your space different and reduce emotional exhaustion.


By personalising your desk, you are showing off your personality – your likes and hobbies. These personal items help co-workers find a common interest amongst one another fostering conversations, increasing productivity and employee satisfaction subsequently leading to innovation and new ideas.

The space in which you work can have a huge impact on your work ethic and mood. For instance, a workspace enriched with foliage has many emotional and physical health benefits for staff which translate into productivity and benefits for employers. So, add a potted plant, a snazzy lamp or few pictures of loved ones to your desk and let’s start feeling positive and productive!