Working from home requires you to be disciplined when it comes to doing a day’s work. With nobody to tell you what to do or when to do it, you need to be able to define your own boundaries and maintain them by being self-motivated.

Here are five simple steps that will help make your day productive…

1.       Separate home from work.

 Most people travel to their place of work but when you work from home this is not necessary. However, this journey can be important thinking time so get up and go for a walk before you sit down to begin your day.


2.       Define your work space.

If possible have an office space with a desk to work from. This is your work space much as it would be in an office. Try and avoid using the kitchen or dining room table as this can confuse the defined work/home areas and affect your ability to concentrate.


3.       Set daily objectives.

You are your own boss and must decide what you need to achieve each day and be disciplined enough to deliver it. A written list of what tasks you need to complete will help you establish your objectives and monitor your progress.


4.       Keep work and private life apart.

There is a perception that people who work from home have the freedom to stop work whenever they want to. Some friends and family may see this as an opportunity to “pop” in for coffee and a chat unannounced. Explain that like anyone else you need your space to work and when it is convenient for you to meet them.


5.       Try breaking up your routine with co-working.

Though you are a homeworker there is no reason you have to work from home every day. It can be extremely beneficial to your business to leave your ordinary workspace when you require inspiration to complete a particular task or simply the company of like-minded people. Working in a different environment will help motivate you and co-working is the ideal way to achieve this. Co-working is a flexible and affordable option for you and can provide the inspiration and support you need when you need it.

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