FOCUS – Being away from the office means employees will not be distracted by emails and phone calls. They can remain focused on the training and concentrate on the course.

NETWORKING – In some circumstances there will be more than one department on the same course which gives staff an opportunity to meet people within their business and develop teamwork. There might be other companies attending a course so offsite training can be a great chance to network for your company too.

 FLEXIBLE – Not every business has the necessary resources to provide effective training to their staff. Equipment and staff cost money, however offsite training can provide tailor made courses for you and your staff exactly how you want it and when you want it done.

 ENGAGED – A change of scenery has a very positive effect on members of staff when undertaking training. Your staff will gain more by being sent on a course and be more engaged with the training providing better results.

SPECIALIST – Running a training session at a centre specifically designed for the purpose will ensure you have people who provide the service everyday on hand to help you. Specialists can also be employed to put the session on for you if required who will supply the materials necessary for the course.

STAFF MORALE – Investing in your staff with training will emphasise how valued they are within the team making them happier and more productive, contributing more to the business.