Damak’s Turkish, exotic lunch menu grabbed our attention when we were deciding on our 2nd lunch destination. With plenty of veggie options and two courses for just £8.95 we had to try!

The venue itself is adaptable and we can see the appeal for both lunch and larger events. With an open kitchen and modern décor, it was clear to see that Damak have their branding down to a T. 

A variety of dishes were ordered for starters and everybody exchanged compliments as they nibbled on their appetisers.

When our mains arrived everybody’s, eyes widened, the portions were huge! As we looked down the table towards the end of the meal we saw a dozen plates with bites of food still leftover. The food was delicous, perfectly seasoned, and looked amazing, but there was just so much of it… One of our vegetarian co-workers said that it was the BEST Vegetarian Moussaka she had ever had!

We had a table booked for 12 people and were among the first to arrive for lunch at 12.30. The restaurant quickly filled, and within 30 minutes it was full! Everybody left the restaurant with a smile on their face, as the servers went beyond to provide excellent service… But perhaps you’d need to take a little bit longer than an hour…

The only question is, where should we go next...

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