Companies everywhere are starting to see the benefit of giving their staff a better balance between their work and their life.

Allowing staff to be more productive and manage their time effectively and independently has been proven to be more beneficial to businesses, staff are happier and therefore meaning customers are more happy!

Business are letting their staff work from home; cutting out the commute and expense of office space simultaneously. But, working from home creates a whole new array of issues. If you google the issues of home working you will be met with 1000’s of articles and bad reviews. So surely there must be a happy medium? Where you can give your employees a better work life balance and save money on office space… Why not consider moving away from the city their home town.

1.       Happiest place to live in UK.

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Leigh-on-sea was voted the happiest place to live thanks to the strong sense of belonging and community spirit. Making it an amazing place to both live and work - surrounded by local business and restaurants you still get the variety of big city, but with a more personal approach to customer services.

2.       Cost of running your office.

Leigh-on-sea does not come with the big city price tags on its offices. Cheaper serviced offices, that include all your business expenses are available; right in the heart of the town, rather than the outskirts of the city. Your employees will also save money by cutting out the need for train fair, and save time by removing the long commute.

3.       New market to explore.

Leigh-on-Sea offers a whole new market for your business to explore. The majority of stores and restaurants are independently run, and rely on other businesses for support and connections.

4.       Near to the City

You will not be cutting off any ties with the city. Leigh-on-sea may seem like a small countryside town next to the estuary, but it has excellent transport links. With two train stations within walking distance of the town.

We are currently renting a 6-person serviced office. If you would like to come in for a viewing, or have any questions please get in touch.