I believe it to be Leigh Road... those people who live in and around Leigh know about it and of course love it.. but do those who come and visit our town? I don't believe the majority do. You would not be surprised if someone said they walked along got to a huge derelict hotel and thought that was where Leigh ended. In fact last summer whilst I was walking in old Leigh I overhead a couple saying 'is this is??' I couldn't help but get involved and explain to them that over the railway bridge and up the steps is another world! That couple would not have made it along to the Leigh Road I'm sure, they would have been like many of our visitors who stop at The Grand hotel.

So what can we do? Well signage would go a long way, not just directing people along the Broadway to Leigh Road but also from Old Leigh, directing the hundreds of visitors who go to the front and think that there is no more to Leigh than pubs and cockles.

Brighton is a good comparison, they have signs all over pointing to 'the lanes' so why can't we!?

I did make this suggestion to the council last year but have not heard anything.. I think maybe it's time to push harder..