NO TO PIZZA EXPRESS IN LEIGH-ON-SEA #coworking #office #leigh #desks #deskhire

This lunch could not have come at a better time, what with the Pizza Express debate filling Leigh news. La Sirena offers a broad Italian menu, friendly staff, and a great atmosphere. Whether you are looking to host an office lunch, or a more sophisticated dinner La Sirena is a favourable choice.

Many of us decided to sample their pizza – boasting similar attributes as the pizzas from Pizza Express, “Freshly prepared, using the finest ingredients and handmade bases” it was the perfect opportunity to compare. We all asked for extra thin pizza’s and the chef not only met our expectations, but also exceeded them!

The portions were large, and great value for the £11.95 we each paid for two courses. The whole restaurant buzzed with an energy that can only ever be felt in independent businesses, the servers going out of their way to please our large group, with added personal touches.

After a delicious lunch at La Sirena the only question I have, is why would we need a Pizza Express? La Sirena offers food that is just as delicious and constant as food that you receive from a respected chain. With the bonus that you are helping local economy; boosting business for a local entrepreneur.