When choosing a venue to hold a party, networking event, drinks reception or workshop have you thought about a local gallery?

1. Beautiful Decor
Galleries make for a visually appealing venue with no decorations needed. Beautiful images fill the walls creating the perfect setting.

2. Break the ice.
The photography gives people a focal point, something to talk about, which is great for networking events. The space itself is set up for hosting.

3. The Space
Galleries have wide open spaces, with plenty of natural light to showcase the pieces to best effect. Most galleries keep the furnishings and the interiors behind the art itself neutral and minimalist, but also super stylish. This means plenty of mingling and circulating space for you and your guests.

4. Unique
Create an event everybody will remember in an impressive space.

We work in partnership with the Francesca Maffeo Gallery the perfect space for larger events.