Working from home has many benefits. Escaping the commute, more time with your family, and peace and quiet to focus on your work. It all works perfectly; until the school holidays. If incorrectly managed it can feel like a juggling act, where you are compromising yourself, your children and your work.

So how can we make work work when our nearest and dearest need attention and an escape from boredom?

Spend time with the children
Set periods of work and periods for family, so both get your full attention at the right times. If your children have nap times or other quiet spells it's fine to organise your day around those. Don't forget to schedule in some dedicated downtime for yourself, too.

Signs for silence
If you need to make calls that require business-like silence, tie a scarf to the door handle and tell your children that they can't come into the room when the scarf is on the door. If this is doomed to failure, you can always do what a client of mine did once, and take a call from the car parked outside the house.

Work when you're working
Once you have your time chosen to start work, discipline yourself and focus. Don't be tempted to put a load of washing on or quickly do the vacuuming. If you were working in an office, you wouldn't do this.

Organise your time
Spread your time between the home office and a co-working space. A co-working space allows you to escape the chaos of home, but avoid the long tedious commute into the city. Co-working spaces are built with productivity in mind, meaning you can work smarter and spend more of your down time with the children. By splitting your time between home and “the office” you can maximise your experience and refresh your senses.

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