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Build your own website workshop

Need a website without the large price tag?

Want the ability to update and maintain your own site?

We use Squarespace to create beautiful, elegant websites that can promote your business, hobby or new venture.

Join our 4 week programme and learn how to build the perfect website with all the key features.

The course starts on Friday 26th April at 9.30-11am and runs every Friday at the same time for 4 weeks. The 5th week is an additional advanced week (optional) All sessions will take place at space282 Southend, First Floor, 6 Nelson Street, SS1 1EF.

Look like an expert right from the start.

With our help and Squarespace award-winning templates, the most beautiful way to present your ideas online. Stand out with a professional website, portfolio, or online store.

We take you through each step at a time, the programme looks like this:

WEEK 1 - Friday 26th April 9.30am - 11am

  • Introduction to Squarespace, the benefits, how it works and the services it offers.

  • Map out pages for website, how many needed? what will they be called.

  • Look & design of the website

  • Choose a template

  • How to use images within your website

WEEK 2 - Friday 3rd May 9.30am - 11am

  • How to add galleries & images

  • Summaries & Quotes

  • Edit the design to brand your website

  • Create a logo or add logo

  • Adding forms and buttons

WEEK 3 - Friday 10th May 9.30am -11am

  • Linking content throughout the site

  • Adding Events and Blogs

  • Adding social media accounts

  • Animations on images

WEEK 4 - Friday 17th May 9.30am - 11am

  • Adding SEO content across website

  • Linking domains

  • Making site live

  • Testing & troubleshooting

Classes are small with no more than 6 people in a workshop, meaning you will get help at each stage of building your website. This to note about this course:

  1. Squarespace have monthly or annual fees, which vary depending on the level of website you have, a basic 5-10 page website is approx £10 per month. The offer a 3 month free trial, so you do not have to pay any fees until your site goes live.

  2. Get 20% off your Squarespace fees when joining the course.

  3. There will be homework set each week in order to get the website live by the end of the fourth workshop.

  4. Whilst we do not require you to be a website developer or coder, we do need you to have computer skills and knowledge to participate. Basic is fine but the ability to upload and download images and navigate around your laptop with ease is required. If your skill set is limited when it comes to computers then we can offer you a one to one service for building your website.

  5. The 4 week program is for a basic website, if you require a shop, products, CRM system or other advanced services on your website then you will need to attend a week 5 advanced in addition to the 4 week course.

Cost of the 4 week course is £125 (excluding Squarespace fees)

Additional Services:

WEEK 5 - ADVANCED - £50 (Friday 24th May 9.30am-11am)

  • Look at the advanced features of Squarespace

  • Add a product or shop to your website

  • Linking to CRM/Google Drive or adding automation

PRIVATE LESSON - £50 for 1 hour

  • 121 tutoring on your website

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