Benefits of a serviced office

When it comes to organising office space for your business, it is not as easy as you think. Businesses change and need to be adaptable, so you need an office space that can change with the business, upscale or downscale as needed. Serviced offices offer that adaptability and help your space grow as your businesses does.

One all inclusive monthly bill 

Having one bill that includes all of your utilities, internet, cleaning and furniture helps with budgeting as there will be no surprise charges.

There's no long term commitment!  

You will be signing a contract that works around your business, you sign the contract for 12 months but have the option to continue if you wish. Most leases office leases ask for 5 years of commitment to the one space. But do you know where your company is going to be in 5 years time? A serviced office gives you the flexibility to grow.

Spend time on your business

Your business doesn't have to worry about arranging and managing supplies. Whether it's worrying about cleaning supplies, internet, water or business rates. We know how stressful and time consuming it can be dealing with issues that arise with your service providers, that is why a serviced office handles it all for you and takes the pressure off of your business.

Better internet 

Leased line internet is the creme de la creme of internet. But most small businesses do not want the expense or hassle that comes with it's installation . EFM business broadband is generally the only option that a start up or small business can warrant buying. Some serviced offices offer leased line internet, which gives your business the dedicated high speed with a 4 hour fix. So, if something should go wrong you can be back up and running sooner than ever.

Jaime Lawson