Why Shared Office Space? Why Leigh On Sea?

Spending many years working in London spoils you in many ways. So many options, places to eat, drink and shop. Buildings whether old or new are full of character and inspiration. Businesses spend thousands on creating the right atmosphere for their staff, mirroring the vibrate city in which they choose to work.

Working local seems to have the opposite in expectation. Old fashioned offices seems to be the only option for smaller local businesses.

Small local enterprises need to be motivated and creative, I believe the environment in which they work has a huge effect.

As a small business owner, I want to be surrounded with inspiration, in a space that helps me grow my business.

Leigh on sea is a beautiful place to live. With the quirky shops, restaurants and bars together with the sea air it inspires me every day. I want to be able to work here and live here, I guess that others must feel the same.

Space282 has been created with the concept being ‘space and community’ the space for work that is comfortable, inspirational, current and adaptable. Community is very important when you are a small business or work alone, knowing that there is a network of supportive ‘co-workers’ you can talk and interact with.

Space282 will be a ‘good looking’ space, a place that you will want to bring clients too and more importantly a space that you will want to work from.


Jaime Lawson