The Happy Commuter

Seems strange to talk about a ‘happy commuter’ at the moment, with so many problems with the new C2C time table means they are few. However, there is a positive story about Jonny, the happy commuter from Leigh on sea.

Jonny works for a print company based in Bristol, where he originates from, however he is now living in Leigh-on-sea with his family.

Jonny works Monday and Tuesday in Bristol and the rest of the week from the companies London office in Shoreditch.

Monday he leaves early to be in Bristol for mid-morning, stays overnight and gets home 10.30pm on a Tuesday night. This meant he got to see very little of his wife and three young children. Wednesday morning, early, sometimes before the children even woke up, Jonny would leave the house to do the hour and a half long commute to the office in Shoreditch. When he returned he would grab a few moments with his children before their bedtime.

Jonny did the same on Thursday as he did on Wednesday and the same again on Friday.

Eventually after repeating this pattern for several weeks, Jonny realised this was no way to work. 

“I wanted to have a better work life balance, as I seem to spend so much of my time travelling to and from work.

I wanted an office environment like that of our Shoreditch office but on my door step. I find it hard to work from home, there’s too many distractions with the children, and visitors coming in and out all day. I need to get work done.

I googled co-working space in Leigh-on-sea and that’s when I found 282. It has all the facilities I need without the commute.

I approached my employer, explaining the affect all the commuting was having on my family life. We came up with the perfect solution, I work in Bristol 2 days, work from our London office 1 day and work in Leigh-on-sea the other 2 days. But because 282 is flexible I can change this as and when I need too.

I’m now a happy commuter! I get to take my daughters to school two days a week and still be in work for 9am. On those days I’m home in time to cook dinner and bath the girls. And I’m not out of pocket because it’s the same price as the c2c! On top of that I get 2 hours more work done a day and have missed out on the misery of the new c2c timetable!”

This is the perfect example of how employers can and are willing to be flexible. It sometimes just takes you to present them with the idea!

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Jaime Lawson