Working from home during kids holidays

Parents Guide to:

Continuing productivity through the school holidays.

Make a Plan

Even though it may seem obvious, making a plan for each day during the holidays can really help you get and keep everybody organised. Allow yourself to assign work tasks to different days, but also details daily activities to keep little ones busy.

To help keep badgering to a minimum, let the kids provide input for the plans - allow them to add activities! When you’re finished, stick it on the fridge or where everyone can see it.

Also keep your plan flexible, so you can adapt to weather/cancellations/other commitments, and so that if your kids want you to come and play ‘evil super ninja princesses’ with them, you can do without feeling guilty about not working.

Delegating Responsibility and Independence

Setting kids tasks to focus on, or small chores to complete, can really help keep them busy (and quiet!). Setting little tasks like helping to keep the house tidy, cleaning up any mess they make, or even playing with the dog in the garden for a while can be productive and useful for allowing you some time to focus on your work.

Some little ones will happily engage in new tasks because of the novelty of doing so, or because they are pleased to be given a new level of independence or responsibility- however if not, incentives may prove useful! Allowing them to play some online games, choosing the next activity etc. can be the tempting reward that can encourage kids to do something productive whilst you get your work stuff done.

‘Hire’ Your Child!

Little ones love to mimic mums and dads- which is why toys like plastic kitchens, prams and toy lawn-mowers are so popular. Make the most of this by ‘hiring’ your child to join your businesses! Give your child some ‘office’ toys like a play phone, a kid friendly calculator, a toy till etc. and explain you’ve hired them to do a ‘very important grown up job’- not only will they try and mimic how you work ( providing an extra few minutes of peace) they’ll be really entertained!


If you have the ability to do your work elsewhere, then take everything you’ll need to your local co-working office. Allow your children to go to a holiday club, on a play-date or to family while you take a few hours out in a laid back but professional setting. There are many businesses that cater to ad hoc working timetables. Sometime a familiar setting can be full of distractions, making it hard to concentrate. Try a new environment with like minded workers also aiming towards productivity.

For a co-working space, check out:

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